Divud 0.1 now released

We released Divud 0.1, you can download it from our new downloads archive on google code:

We worked about supporting english and italian languages, about creating debian and rpm packages for debian based linux distros and rpm based linux distros. We also improve compatibility for windows and mac osx systems, adding alert windows for signal Twitter errors, and finally fixed some bugs.



Obama and Romney hashtags of 18-July-2012 elaborated and exported by Divud in GEXF for visualization.


We are proud to announce we added new big features on Divud:

- Users follows comparison.

- Users followers comparison.

- Users hashtags comparison.

- Getting Daily and weekly Trending Topics hashtags.

- Saving results in text files.

- Store data in .follow .followers .hastags formats to save the researches for other time uses.

- Data visualization export in GEXF format, for manipulating data with Gephi and other tools.

We updated the launchpad page of the project: You can download Divud from here: Divud need Python 2.7.3 interpreter for windows, linux or mac, download Python from this page

For any bug reporting, contact us!

Photo Set

Photos from Europython 2012 at Florence, Italy (2-8 July)